Conference on Harnessing Demograophic Dividend at SNC

A Two day National Conference on
Harnessing Demographic Dividend Opportunities and challenges in Indian Higher Education

Key note address:

KLE Society is one of premier educational institutions in India. It is celebrating its hundredth year; on Commemorating its Centenary has organized National Level conference on Harnessing Demographic Dividend Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Higher Education on 4& 5 September 2015 in KLES S Nijalingappa College, Bangalore

Knowledge and Wisdom Needs direction says Delhi University V C

Professor. Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor Delhi University in his key note address, emphasized that transdisciplinary approach and use of digital technology for imparting education to a larger community are essential. He also pointed out the importance of imbibing the principles evolved since Vedic times in modern education for transforming human resource as a skilled one. He also cautioned that if vast young force is not handled properly it could be explosive.

He stressed that the time is on our side and we should not miss the opportunities in channelizing the system in the right direction. India has massive potentialities and legacy which has been working as a guiding force in enhancing skills and wisdom of the younger generation in right path. To achieve this task teacher should don the role of a mentor with freedom and flexibility in exploring the skills of students. He also applauded the visionary commitment of the KLE founders and expressed his deep sense of gratitude for their sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. He concluded with the equation, knowledge + skill = competency which helps in enhancing employability skills among younger generation.

Dr Prabhakar B Kore MP, Chairman of KLE Society presided over the function. In his presidential address he threw light on the role of education and responsibilities’ of teaching fraternities in shaping the skills of students in the fast changing world. He also highlighted that KLE Society is doing yeoman service in the field of education and health, through this it is transforming the lives. He also pointed out that KLE Society is committed to provide free medical facilities from the economically weaker sections of the society. On the eve of its Centenary a lakh people are going to avail these facilities.