Pre-University Colleges

Pre-University Colleges

Pre-university education forms a key link between basic and professional education. In an effort to facilitate comprehensive learning, the society has started Independent PU Colleges which adopt an integrated approach to teaching and learning. Along doing satisfactory justice to the prescribed curriculum, these institutions also provide training for various competitive examinations including IIT-JEE and CET.The introduction of CBSE syllabus at the Pre-university stage has posed unique challenges especially to both students and faculty in the rural areas. The Society has taken the lead in equipping the teachers to deliver the new curriculum by organizing relevant orientation programs. The Society’s encouragement to scholastic talents of its students is not limited to traditional curricular activities but extends to bringing out their latent intellectual potential too.

K.L.E.Society's Lingaraj Pre-University College, Belagavi

KLE Society’s Lingaraj College, Belagavi
Office: 0831-2420027
Principal: 0831-2464138
Fax: 0831-2427589
(Karnatak State Open University Study Centre)

K.L.E.Society's G.A.Composite Pre-University College, Belagavi.

KLE Society’s G.A. Composite Pre-University College, Belagavi
Office: 2420063

K.L.E.Society's R.L.S. Composite Pre-University College, Dharwad

R.L.S. Comp. Pre-University College, Dharwad
Telefax: 0836-2441185
Email: [email protected]

K.L.E.Society's S.K.Composite Pre-University College, Saundatti

S.K. Composite Pre-University College of Arts & Commerce, Saundatti. Dist. Belagavi.
Office: 08330-222384

K.L.E.Society’s Smt. Sharadadevi Kore Composite Pre-University College, Ankali

Smt. Sharadadevi Kore Comp. P.U. College, Ankali
Office: 08338-254224

K.L.E.Society's Jagadguru Gangadhar Pre-University College of Commerce, Hubballi
J.G. College of Commerce, Hubballi
Office: 0836-2372014
Fax: 0836-2370435
K.L.E.Society's Shri. Kadasiddeshwar Pre-University Arts College & H.S.Kotambri Pre-University Science College, Hubballi
S.K. Arts College & H.S. Kotambri Science, Hubballi
Office: 0836-2372097
Prin.(D): 0836-2370257
Fax: 0836-2377454
K.L.E.Society's P.C.Jabin Pre-University College of Science, Hubballi
P.C. Jabin Science College, Vidyanagar, Hubballi
Office: 0836-2372285
Fax: 0836-2375379
K.L.E.Society's Raja Lakhamagouda Pre-University College of Science, Belagavi
KLE Society’s R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi
Office: 0831-2420435
Fax: 0831-2420473
K.L.E.Society's G.I.Bagewadi Pre-University College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Nipani
KLE Society’s G.I. Bagewadi Arts, Science and Commerce College, Nipani
Office: 08338-220116
Fax: 08338-220416
K.L.E.Society's Gudleppa Hallikeri Pre-University College, Haveri
Gudleppa Hallikeri Arts, Science & Commerce College, Haveri
Office: 08375-232475
Fax: 08375-236824
K.L.E.Society's S.Nijaligappa Pre-University College, Bengaluru
S. Nijalingappa College, Bengaluru
IInd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.
Office: 080-23526055/65986520/23325020
Fax: 080-23320902
K.L.E.Society's Shri Shivayogi Murughendra Swamiji Pre-University College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Athani
Shri Shivayogi Murughendra Swamiji College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Athani
Office: 08289-251173
Fax: 08289-286041
K.L.E.Society's Basavaprabhu Kore Pre-University College, Chikodi
Basavaprabhu Kore Arts, Science & Commerce College, Chikodi
Office: 08338-272176
Fax: 08338-272821
K.L.E.Society's Pre-University College, Gokak
KLE Pre-University College, Gokak
Office: 08332-225484
KLE Independent Pre-University College, Bengaluru
KLE Independent PU College, 2nd block, 3rd main opposite to BDA complex Nagarbhavi, Bangalore 560072
Office: 080-23186644 / 23213739
K.L.E.Society's Mahila Padavi Poorva Mahavidyalaya, Ankola
KLE Padavi Purva Vidyalaya, Ankola
Office: 08388-231906
K.L.E.Society's Pre-University Science College, Gangavati
KLE Society’s Pre-University Science College, Gangavati.
Office: 08533-271737
K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University Arts & Commerce College, Saunshi
KLE Society’s Pre-University College of Arts & Commerce, Saunshi
Office: 08304-296387
K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University Science College, Khanapur
KLES Pre-University Science College, Khanapur
Office: 08336-222531
K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University Arts, Science & Commerce College, Shiraguppi.
KLES Pre-University Arts, Science & Commerce College, Shiraguppi
Office: 08339-265391
K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University Arts, Science & Commerce College, Kukanur
KLE Society’s Pre-University College, Kukanur
Office: 08534-230005
K.L.E.Society's Raj Rajeshwari Composite Pre-University College for Girls, Ranebennur

Raj Rajeshwari Comp. P.U. College for Girls, Ranebennur
Office: 08373-266622

K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University College, Hangal, Dt. Haveri

KLE Pre-University College, Hangal
Office: 08379-267448

K.L.E.Society’s Pre-University College, Raibag

KLE Pre-University College, Raibag
Office: 08331-224614

K.L.E. Society’s S.C.P. Pre-University College, Mahalingpur
Vidyanagar, Mahalingapur, Karnataka
Office: 08350-270004
K.L.E Society's Prerana Pre-University College, Vidya Nagar, Hubballi
KLE Society’s Prerana PU College Vidyanagar, Hubballi
Office: 0836-2371123/0836-2371121
K.L.E Independent PU college Jakkeri Honda, Goaves, Belagavi
KLE Independent PU college Jakkeri Honda, Goaves, Belagavi
Office: 0831-2464422
K.L.E. Society’s Independent Pre-University College, Chikodi
KLE CET campus, Banantikodi road, Chikodi
Office: 08338-257100