High Schools

High Schools

KLE Society’s unwavering commitment to the noble mission of education for all continues to find expression in an unabated manner. The commitment has evolved quite dramatically from its humble beginnings as a small Anglo-vernacular school in 1916 into a series of school education centers across Karnataka and Maharashtra. Creating an academic environment for embellishing the aptitudes and attitudes of young minds of rural and semi-urban areas is the hallmark of KLE and we believe in creating successful leaders of the future with our well crafted teaching models.

The KLE CBSE affiliated English Medium Schools cater to the educational needs in both urban and rural areas.Equipped with excellent infrastructure and facilities, the schools have performed exceptionally well as reflected in the 100% results at the 10th Standard Examinations.The Schools offering education in regional languages Kannada and Marathi have also emerged as wonderful stepping stones for prospectively bright opportunities for higher education and careers, especially for students in the rural areas and students in the urban areas who come from families that have limited means.

K.L.E.Society's Mangrule High School, Akalkot

Mangrule Secondary & Higher Secondary School, Akalkot
Office/Fax: 02181-220376
Email: mangrulehighschool@rediffmail.com

K.L.E. Society's Basavaprabhu Kore CBSE School, Ankali
KLE School Ankali At Po:Chikodi, Belgaum
Office: 08338-254984
Email: kles_ank1@rediffmail.com
Website: www.kleschoolankali.com
K.L.E.Society's Vasudevrao Kasbekar Girls High School, Ankola

KLE Society’s V.K. Girls High School, Ankola
Office: 08338-231041
Fax: 08388-230252

K.L.E.Society's C.S.Kittur High School, Athani

Channappa Shivarudrappa Kittur High School, Athani
Office: 08289-251172

K.L.E.Society's Silver Jubilee High School, Barsi

Silver Jubilee High School, Barsi
Office/Fax: 0217-2323607

K.L.E.Society's P.R.Chikodi Secondary School, Galataga, Tq : Chikodi, Dist : Belagavi

P.R. Chikodi Secondary School, Galataga
Office: 08338-262629

K.L.E.Society’s KLE International School, Belagavi
Kuvempu Nagar, Hindalga, Belagavi
Office: 0831-2466281
Email: klesisbgm@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.kleschoolbelgaum.com
K.L.E.Society's G.A.Composite Pre-University College (High School Section), Belagavi
KLE Lingaraj College Campus, College Road, Belgaum
Office: 0831-2420063
Email: klegahsbgm@gmail.com
K.L.E.Society’s School, Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru
3rd block, Nagarbhavi 2nd stage, Bangalore
Office: 080-23188899
Email: principal@kleschool.com
Website: www.kleschool.com
K.L.E.Society’s International School, Bengaluru

K.L.E. Society’s International School
S. Nijalingappa College Campus
II Block, Rajajinagar,
Bengaluru – 560010
Telephone: 080 – 23429807 / 65609637
Fax: 080-23429807
Email: kleis.rajajinagar@gmail.com
Website: www.kleschoolbelgaum.com

K.L.E.Society’s School, Dharwad
Rayapur, Hubballi, Karnataka
Office: 0836-2221999
Email: kle.dharwad@rediffmail.com
Website: www.kleschooldharwad.com
K.L.E.Society’s English Medium High School, Gadag

KLE Society’s School
J. T. College Campus
Gadag – 582101
Telephone08372 – 232615
Fax08372 – 232615

K.L.E.Society's C.S.Angadi Girls High School, Gokak

KLE C.S. Angadi Girls’ High School, Gokak
Office: 08332-227677

K.L.E.Mahadevappanna Munavalli School, Gokak

KLE Mahadevappanna Munavalli School
Opp. Umarani Hospital
Main Road,  Gokak – 591 307
Dist : Belagavi
Telephone: 08332-229504
Fax: 08332-225588
Email: klesgokak@gmail.co
Website: www.klesgokak.com

K.L.E.Society's Model Higher Secondary School, Hanumanamatti

Model Higher Secondary School, Hanumanamatti.
Tal. Ranebennur
Office: 08373-253522

K.L.E.Society’s English Medium School, Haveri

Address: KLE Society’s School  D. C. Office Road  HaveriI -581110
Telephone: 08375 – 236915
Fax: 08375- 236824
Email: kleschool_hvr@rediffmail.com
Website: www.klescbsehvr.org

K.L.E.Society's H.F.Kattimani Kannada Medium High School, Hubballi

H.F. Kattimani Kannada Medium Primary School Vidyanagar, Hubli
Office: 0836-2371810

K.L.E.Society's English Medium School, Manjunath Nagar, Hubballi

K.L.E. Society’s English Medium School
Manjunath Nagar, Gokul Road,
Hubballi – 30
Telephone: 0836  – 2335055
Fax: 0836 – 2236347
Email: kleschool_man@yahoo.com
Website: www.kleschool-manjunathnagar.org

K.L.E.Society's S.C.P. High School, Mahalingpur

KLE S.C.P. High School, Mahalingpur
Office: 08350-270864

K.L.E.Society's Smt. V. Nanjamma High School, Malur

Smt. V. Nanjamma High School, Malur
Office/Fax: 08151-232154

K.L.E.Society's CBSE School, Nipani
Opposite New Hudco colony, Budalmukh Road, Nipani.
Office: 08338-222860, 222660
Email: klecbsenpn@rediffmail.com
Website: www.klescbsenippani.com
K.L.E.Society's Raj Rajeshwari Girls High School, Ranebennur

Raj Rajeshwari Girls High School, Ranebennur
Office: 08373-266102

K.L.E.Society's B.B.Mamadapur Girls High School, Saundatti

B.B. Mamadapur Girls High School, Saundatti
Office: 08330-223566

K.L.E.Society’s School, Saundatti

KLE Campus, Bus stand Road
Saundatti – 591126
Tal: Saundatti
Dist: Belagavi
Telephone08330 – 223566
Fax08330 – 223566

K.L.E.Society's Annappa Kadadi High School. Solapur

Annappa Kadadi High School, Solapur
Office / Fax: 0217-2323607

K.L.E.Society's English Medium School, Jule, Solapur
Narsimha Nagar, Jule Solapur
Office: 0217-2302280
Email: kles_solapur@rediffmail.com
Website: www.kleschoolsolapur.com