State Level Inter-School Invitational Sports Meet

Organised by Tenvic

Sports Meet is a first of its kind initiative to provide children across nearly 80 schools in Karnataka a platform to demonstrate their talent and proficiency across 6 sporting disciplines. The tournament is co-hosted and conducted by TENVIC.

The KLE Centenary Cup will be held across Karnataka – in Bangalore/ Mysore, Belgaum, Hubli/ Dharwad and Gulbarga/ Sholapur and in two stages – preliminary rounds and finals. This unique design of regional competition and eliminations followed by a final event for the top 2 teams of each zone will ensure adequate opportunity for competition and the best emerging as winners.

The following are other relevant details of The KLE Centenary Cup:


Cricket, Table Tennis, Basketball, Kabaddi, Chess and Swimming (Direct Finals in Jan, 2016)


Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Basketball, Chess and Cricket (Boys Category Only) will be conducted for following age group.

Under 14 Boys & Under 14 Girls

Under 16 Boys & Under 16 Girls

Preliminary Stage (Inter School level): In preliminary round about 20 schools from each zone will be invited to compete at an Inter School Level. Winner & Runner –up from each sport in each category will qualify for finals to be held in Belgaum.

Venues and Dates

Basketball (Click for more details)



  1. The tournament will be conducted according to KSBBA rules.
  2. The number of players representing a school shall not more than twelve.
  3. All the matches at Hub level shall be conducted on knock out basis for 4 qtrs (one qtr for 10 mints)
  4. The First & Second position winning teams from each Hub will qualify to participate in Finals.
  5. In any match, played on knock out basis including the final, if there is a tie, extension of five minutes shall continue to be given till the game is decided.
  6. The tie between more than two teams will be decided on the basis of points scored and points against. The team securing the greatest quotient will be the winner. The points scored for and against shall be counted only in the matches played between the teams in tie.
  7. The number “6” size Ball will be used for Girls’ matches and “7” size for Boys
  8. A team shall be prepared to play more than two matches in a day.
  9. All participating teams shall carry with them two sets of playing kit (uniform).
  10. Protest if any, must be submitted in writing along with the fee within 20 min after the declaration of the result.
  11. In case a team intends to protest against the opposite team; the Captain of team that intends to protest, must sign the score sheet.
  12. In case a team forfeits & walks out of the court without completing the match, it shall lose the right to submit any protest and shall be debarred from rest of the tournament.
Chess (Click for more details)



  1. Rules of the All India Chess Federation and FIDE shall apply to the Inter-School Chess tournament unless, otherwise, modified in these rules.
  2. The team championship will be held in under 14 & 16 years age category in both the sections i.e. Girls and Mixed.
  3. The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System. A team shall not play against any other team more than once.
  4. A team may consist of a maximum of 04 players. Each playing against the other of the same status in order of ranking.
  5. Each team must play through the entire tournament. However, if a team is forced by circumstances beyond its control to withdraw from the tournament, the team/s will not be paired for the remaining matches.
  6. The session of play shall be of 30 mints on rapid system.
  7. The position of teams, which finish with the same number of game points, shall be determined by the application of the tie-breaking procedures
  8. What-so-ever the circumstance is, request pertaining to postponement of first round will not be entertained.
  9. Players are requested to bring their own chess set.
  10. Players are requested to report at venue by 9 am.
Table Tennis (Click for more details)



  1. All the matches will be played according to the rules of the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) as adopted by them from time to time, unless otherwise modified by organiser.
  2. Every school can send one team comprising of maximum four players, in U14 & U16 separately in Boys’ & Girls’ category.
  3. A team shall consist of maximum four & minimum three players.
  4. The order of play shall be as follows
  1. The matches up to quarter final stage will be played as best of three games. Semifinal & final matches will be played as best of five games on knock out basis.
  2. The balls to be used in the tournament shall be ITTF approved.
  3. From each Hub, the First & Second position winning teams in each age group, separately in Boys’ & Girls category, shall qualify to participate in the Finals.
  4. No change in composition of team from Hub level to State level will be allowed.
Kabaddi (Click for more details)


(Boys & Girls)

  1. All matches would be played for 2 qtrs (one qtr for 15 mints)
  2. Each team shall consist of 7 Players and one official. 5 Players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining 2 Reserves shall be substitutes.
  3. The out and revival rule shall not be applicable. Only points scored shall be counted.
  4. Each team shall be allowed to take “Two Time Outs” of 30 seconds each in each half; such time out shall be called for by the Captain or Coach of the team with the permission of referee. The time out time will be added to match time.
  5. If any player is suspended or disqualified from the match, no substitution is allowed for that particular player. The team will play with less number of players.
  6. The team which scores the highest number of points at the end of the match shall be declared the winner.
Cricket (Click for more details)


All the matches will be played over a period of 6 days across three different grounds in 20/20 format.

  1. Each school to send U16 U 14 cricket team consisting of 15 players each category + Coach and Manager
  2. The tournament shall be played with red leather balls, same shall be provided by the TENVIC organizing committee.
  3. Cricket tournament is for boy’s category only.
  4. Matches will be played as per KSCA rules unless, otherwise modified in these rules.
  5. All matches will be played on knockout basis
  6. All matches will be officiated by official umpires
Swimming (Click for more details)


The swimming competition shall be conducted under the rules of the Swimming Federation of India (SFI) unless modified in these rules.

The competition is open to boys and girls under 12, 14 and 16 category, every school will be entitled to enter only one swimmer in each of the following events:

Events for Boys & Girls


  1. Events will be conducted on time trial basis. It would mean that every swimmer in these events will get only one chance, and the final positions in these events will be determined on the basis of time recorded in different heats.
  2. In under 12 year’s age group, a swimmer can participate in maximum three Individual events and in relays.
  3. In under 14 & 16 year’s age group, a swimmer can participate in maximum four Individual events and in relays.

* The Individual Championship (Best Swimmer) in any age group will be awarded only to one swimmer on the basis of medals won, and in case of tie, performance will be taken into consideration.

* Swimming events will be directly held at finals to be conducted from 6 – 9 Jan, 2016.

General Guidelines

  • All the teams shall be accompanied by a Teacher/Coach/Manager designated by the participating school Principal.
  • All expenses on items like travel, food, kit, boarding, Lodging etc will have to be borne by the participating School.
  • Every player/athlete/team shall carry with them the required documents as mentioned under title “Eligibility”.
  • Each school shall be entitled to enter only one team in each category
  • A junior player can be permitted to play in senior age group, and then the participation in the original group will be forfeited.
  • All official Communication / Draw shall be displayed at the venue and that alone shall be the official communication in all respects.
  • Tournament is open to schools of State Education Boards, CBSE & ICSE in Karnataka.



The athlete/player should be within the particular age group on 31 December of the year of competition.

(a) Only bonafide students shall be eligible to participate in the Inter-School tournament  Feeding any non bonafide student shall lead to disqualification of the team.

(b) A player shall be under 14 &16 years of age on 31 Dec 2015.

  • Under 12 years :Born on or after 01.01.2004 ( Category only swimming )
  • Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.2002
  • Under 16 years: Born on or after 01.01.2000


  1. To provide the documents for verification in original if asked for (Original DOB Certificate )
  2. Players to carry school id card but this will not be considered for age proof.
  3. To supply the team photo with school Principal along with the entry Performa, countersigned by the concerned Principal.
  4. It is mandatory to produce a photo eligibility certificate issues by the Principal / School Head certifying the class / standard of study and date of birth. The form is send herewith. Players will not be allowed to participate without submitting this certificate. Please make copies of this form for your use.

For registration please contact or 9980979478